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Mold Kleen a powerful decoking chemical, specially formulated to remove important deposits on cast iron parts, stainless steel, martensitic or austenitic stainless steel and refractory alloys, magnesium, titanium and its alloys. Mold Kleen is a concentrated cleaning product made of a mix of high performing surfactants, liquid averagely alkaline, designed to implement degreasing by ultrasounds.
MOLD KLEEN can also be used as a removal of hard to remove varnishes, resists, lacquers and paints from metals mentioned above. It is a powerful deoxidizer for the same metals.

For plastic injection parts manufacturer, with frequent use of MOLD KLEEN, it can reduce the rejection rate of parts with frequent cleaning of MOLD KLEEN in an ultrasonic cleaner.

• Rapidly penetrates, suspends, and removes grease and oil.
• Removes protein soils.
• Free rinsing.
• Leaves no film on cleaned area.
• Non-Flammable.
• Gas mask removal.
• Carbon deposits removal.

Suitable for:

•  Removing gas mark/carbon mark in an ultrasonic cleaner.

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